Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve 

Why write a Christmas poem? 

After two thousand years 

the subject's saturated, 

glorious songs by 

Handel, Wesley, the bigs. 

Besides, why me? I've 

decked no tree these last few years. 

Writing checks passes for giving 

and keeps me out of malls. 

It's Christmas Eve – I sit 

with my computer. But earlier 

I went to church, sang carols, 

felt "in." And I care. 

In a grinchy kind of way. 

I'm thankful. For computer 

peaceful nights, for people 

I care enough to write 

checks to. For an account 

that doesn't cringe. 

For God's love, as much tonight 

as last night, last month, a week from 

Tuesday. I'm glad earlier years 

torn between competing parents 

have passed, dissipated, ended. 

I'm glad for hope for peace on 

earth for me, for others, for 

people who let go and let 

God grant us glory. For the Word 

that's God who gives us words. 

For Grace. Thanks, God.